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What’s Yoga Really About?

Photo: Abhisek Saha/Comvite
Photo: Abhisek Saha/Comvite

For the longest time in the west, we’ve been sold the wrong idea of what Yoga really is. Just do a quick google image search of the term, and what should come up is a white girl decked out in sports attire and bent into some seemingly impossible pretzel-shape. The next thing that should come to mind after that image is a photo of a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Much more than being an exercise that has somehow managed to stay in vogue in our corner of the world since the nineteenth century, it is a system of mental and spiritual practices with very ancient roots. So, we asked Daniela Castillo, a yogi who studied her craft in India, to explain to us what Yoga is really about:

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