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COMVITE is a magazine that specializes on documenting some of the most relevant, and lesser-known cultural aspects and traditions of the tropical world. We provide immersive storytelling through high-quality multimedia content directly from the ground. We want to tell you who we are and why we are here.
People from the tropical world have often been mischaracterized and almost fetishized by the media. When you read stories about developing countries, the subjects are almost invariably the same: drug trafficking, violence, political corruption, and migration. Wide-angle, black-and-white, grainy, high-contrast images characterize the usual portrait of the developing world. Seldom do you hear about the traditions, rich history, or intricate details of what makes us who we are. This is why our main goal is to bring you a larger picture of our corner of the world from a local’s perspective. This doesn’t mean that we turn a blind eye to the problems in our society-after all, they are also a part of who we are. We just approach them from a more human angle. 
The idea for the project originally came about at the end of 2014 during the Convite of Ciudad Vieja, also known as Convite de los 24 Diablos. This tradition, like most in Guatemala, is a perfect example of how ancient aspects of our folklore com


​Founders — Santiago Billy - Juan Luis Toledo

Editor in Chief — Santiago Billy

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