Great Stories from Around Guate


Over the past couple of months, we’ve been playing with Huawei’s new P10 cellphone to create some of our stories.  After using it for a while, we can honestly say that we highly recommend it. It’s truly a machine made for work. Its 20MP front camera makes for some great shots, and its use is very simple. You can easily switch between RAW photo and video and back with just a simple swipe. However, its best feature is the bokeh, which is very clear and creamy.

It’s also a very durable device. We took the phone around Guatemala to shoot some of these stories, and it made it through a hard day’s work without any trouble. It took a few hard hits along the way, but nothing broke. Also, its battery puts in about 8 hours of awesomeness, so we never had to worry about our phone dying on us mid-work.

While we highly recommend this phone to anyone who’s in our line of work, we also want you to check out the results for yourselves. Below are some of the stories that we worked on using the Huawei P10. The titles are links, and the photos that we took using the phone are in them, so be sure to check ’em all out!

The Mask-Maker of Rabinal 

Chicabal in Portraits

The Surfing Youth of El Paredón

Guatemala’s Clay Master

The Games of Chocolá

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Faifull use colorful dresses in during the Holy Burial procession in Santiago Atitlán. Photo: Anna Watts/Comvite
Pinhole: Jesus and Maximón Dance Together
Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite
Supermoon 2016: Acatenango
Mario Antonio Castro Cabrera, 71, with the mariachi group "Los Campero". Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite
Arts and Crafts
Looking for Mariachis?

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