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Greased Lightning is coming to Guatemala


Do you feel like disappearing into the 1950’s for a while and enjoying a fun story, sticky lyrics and enthusiastic choreography for a couple of hours? Well, your wishes might just come true this February. Guatemala needs to prepare itself because this season, Saravandah Producciones decided to bring the classic Broadway musical Grease to Teatro Lux.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades and never watched the famous 1978 movie featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the musical tells the story of Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko. These teens meet at the beach during summer, and fall in love. Olsson, who is Australian, was supposed to go back to her native country when summer came to a close, so they both think their romance would end as just another summer fling. Little did they know, however, that Sandy’s parents would decide to stay in the United States, and enrol her in Zuko’s high school.

The female cast of Grease performs during the rehersal in Teatro Lux, Guatemala City. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

The cast for the musical includes 13 local actors and singers. Jose Castillo will play the young and rebellious Danny Zuko, who falls for Sandy, played by Regina Bonifasi. Both actors have a previously established theatre career in the country.

Other cast members include Lucía Montepeque (Rizzo), Flora Campollo (Frenchy), Melissa Maúl (Marty), Jennifer Carrera (Jan), Larissa del Pozo (Patty Simcox), Johnnie Quijada (Kenickie), Deryc Papadópolo (Sony), Pedro Pablo Solís (Doody), and Julio de León (Roger).

Normally, the only Pink Ladies (the popular girl clique in the musical’s high school) to be heavily featured in every incarnation of Grease are Sandy and Rizzo. However, this time they will be sharing a lot of their on-stage time with Jennifer Carrera, whose performance of the goofy high school student, Jan, is spot on and very organic.

The main characters Jose Castillo as Danny and Regina Bonifasi as Sandy during rehersals of the play Grease perform in Guatemala city. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

We cannot forget to also give a thumbs up to the 14 dancers for their energetic moves and to the production crew for the scenery and props. All of this allows the audience to transport themselves into a completely different time.

Saravandah, the production company behind this musical, has become famous in the Guatemala for producing high-quality musical theatre shows over the past few years. Its portfolio includes Mamma Mia (2013), Moulin Rouge (2014), Chicago (2015), and Navidad Fantastica every year since 2009. All of them have been acclaimed by the critics and audience in the country.

Lucía Montepeque (Rizzo) performing during rehersals of the play Grease in Teatro Lux. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

This incarnation of Grease, much like Saravandah’s last broadway production of Chicago, will feature a live orchestra with 6 musicians directed by Fredy Farfán to accompany the very talented singers.

If you like performing arts or just doing something out of the ordinary, then you cannot miss this fun and energetic musical that will be opening on February 10th in the Teatro Lux in zone 1 (6 avenue and 11th street) in Guatemala City. It’s going to be showing for the next six weekends, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 5 pm. The entrance ticket costs Q250 and you can get them on or in the theatre’s box office an hour before the performance starts. Come, and invite some friends!

Rehersal of the play Grease in Guatemala city. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

Female cast performs a scene of the play Grease in Teatro Lux, Guatemala city. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

A musical scene during rehersals for the play Grease in Teatro Lux in Guatemala City. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

Male cast for grease reheasing during a dance scene for the play Grease in Guatemala City. Photo: Santiago Billy/Comvite

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