About us

You know what’s a drag? Most of the material in local media nowadays. It’s not that it’s not relevant, but it really only shows a single facet of what life in the tropics is really like. Most of the richer aspects of what makes life here so exciting are usually ignored by journalists who simply react to the day to day political conjuncture of the region and basically become press conference jockeys. That’s where we come in. Comvite is a for-profit English-language online publication that seeks to break that mundane cycle of shallow content by bringing you stories directly from the ground. Instead of hearing about it in a press conference in a hotel somewhere, we actually go to the sources of the information and accurately report what’s there in an entertaining, informative way. We don’t do politics; we do policy. We don’t do news; we do stories you’ll want to do.

Our main audience are expatriates, travelers and the local AB population. These are groups that usually find out about the things that take place around our country through word of mouth. We seek to become that word of mouth online. Except with precise facts. And, in that same spirit, we expect our brand to be associated with high-quality, interesting material at all times. This, given our type of audience and the fact that no one here really talks to them online, should make Comvite a unique space for advertisers seeking to reach new and different clients.


So, come and invite your friends.